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The ratings, explained: How to interpret the SkyFire image

With the current SkyFire beta, we’re running the algorithms and releasing the daily prediction to an exclusive group of testers. This way, everybody wins: you get a sunset prediction, and we get valuable feedback on where the algorithm needs to be tweaked! There are a lot of things that go into the prediction, so your feedback is absolutely crucial. When emailing us feedback, please include the location (as precise as possible), date, a description of the sunset, YOUR rating of the sky on a scale from 1-10, and an image to accompany your description – this allows us to ‘measure’ the quality of your sunset on a uniform scale.


Our rating scale is as follows with example images:

For the beta release, as the app itself has not been coded yet, you will receive your daily prediction via email. When you open the attachment, you will find a map formatted like this:

What you are looking at is a contour map of sunset ratings by location. Think of it like a topographical map, where reds are the mountains and blues are the flatlands. As the scale on the right edge illustrates, the red “mountains” are the good stuff. If you find yourself in a brightly colored region, you may be in luck; SkyFire is predicting a great sunset in your area! Check out the sky around sunset, and make sure to let us know if the prediction was correct. 

Lastly, please remember that this IS a beta prediction – while we are making every effort to be as accurate as possible, we are in the beta phase because we anticipate the algorithms may need some tweaking. For this reason, we don’t necessarily recommend planning your day around a 9 or 10 prediction for your area… and if the map gives your area a 10, but you look out the window half an hour before sunset and all the clouds have moved away, don’t blame us. Just let us know so we can make the appropriate tweaks. With your help, we will get there!

Rating: 9  It's hard to complain about a sky like this, but its not quite the full 360 degree fireworks show of a 10.

Rating: 6  Softer color and the clouds are patchy but still pleasing to look at.

Rating: 2  No clouds so hope for alpenglow, sunbursts, or earth shadow to bring color to the image. If there is something going on, it's not where you are.


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