With 2016 here many photographers are out hunting for amazing images as part of their new years resolutions. Skyfire would like to help by showing where the best sunsets and sunrises could be through analysis of last winters.  To do this we took all our observations from January, February, and March of last year to analyze where the best light occurred, and then assembled it into a weighted average based on the rating. The end result is a monthly average showing the sunrise and sunset hot spots!

Really lots of activity across the central and Western United States for sunrises in January, especially Colorado. And this trend is definitely holding strong this year with a high number of great sunrises in SoCal the past few weeks.  (color along the boarders is predominantly artifacting).

Wyoming and Idaho are the winners for best average sunsets last January. You can actually see the effect of the California drought here in the cloud patterns, with more coverage up North over the Cascades and nearly none in SoCal.

Sunrises were clustered around the central states, especially Wyoming again.  With great light and beautiful mountains looks like the perfect place to spend the winter.

Sunsets in February look nice over the Rockies and in the central states.  Looks like on average I will be disappointed in California, though it is an El Nino year so could be nicer than last year for the West coast.

For sunrises in March it looks like New Mexico and Montana are the places to be with things livening up a bit in the Sierra's and Florida.

Sunsets in March were great over the Rockies in Colorado and the deserts of New Mexico, North Dakota is also showing good sustained light edging into the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota. Florida is looking nicer in the afternoons compared to the mornings which is indicative of thunderstorm formations.


Thank you for taking the time to check this out, we really love data and hope it helps you get some great images this winter!


Skyfire is available on the iOS app store via The Photographer's Ephemeris, click here to learn more!

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