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The Team


The Team


Matthew Kuhns. Photographer. Explorer.

Photographer Matthew Kuhns is an award winning California-based landscape photographer and Aerospace Engineer. His images have been seen by over 100 million people in publications such as National Geographic, Microsoft, Sunset, Backpacker, Popular Photo, PDN, Aviation Week, Spaceflight Insider and the Pictureline Blog. His work is highly sought after, and is available online and at the G2 Gallery in Venice Beach CA.

Find the rest of Matthew's work on his website www.matthewkuhns.com

Skyfire could not exist without the amazing team that worked hard to make it happen, they are some of the best in the business.

Stephen Trainor - TPE Founder

Raza Durrani - Lead Designer

Suren Karapetyan - Lead Integration

Stacey Rieck - Lead Developer

Brendan Eck - Developer

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Our Story

Our Story

The most important thing to know about Skyfire is that its been a team effort and I thank everyone involved who has been kind enough to offer their expertise or advice:  Jeff Mitchum, Ian Shive, Brendan Eck, Raza Durrani, Melissa Kuhns, Roger Kuhns, Stan Rose, Matthew Hemke, Laura Carnahan, and many others.


The idea for Skyfire started as a desire years ago as I was exploring the Southwest in search of that perfect photograph.  Light plays such a dynamic part of making great pictures that I was always chasing it.  And during those journeys I was always looking for an edge, a way to predict where the light would be best.  Sometimes driving hundreds of miles a day chasing storms and positioning myself for the perfect golden hour conditions. It can be exhausting, especially after hiking all day in Zion Utah and realizing the best light will be in Death Valley California at sunrise. I really needed a way to plan out my shoots in advance and predict the unpredictable.....that good light.


To create a solution I approached the problem using my aerospace engineering background and set it up like an astrodynamics and optics problem. My first sketches were on 7/19/2011 in my notebook....and they ended up as Skyfire in 2014!  My engineering background was invaluable as it let me filter out the thousands of variables that go into a sunset and determine the key predictors, the driving force behind the light.


Matthew Kuhns is an award-winning landscape photographers who has been chasing good light for years. He is using his knowledge of photography and aerospace engineering to bring you predictive sunrise and sunset analysis. With SkyFire's groundbreaking web release, powered by Matthew's aerospace engineering prowess photographers can plan their shoots in advance, and head out in confidence that a colorful sky will be theirs to capture. 

Skyfire is no mere reorganization of the hourly weather forecasts. It is the product of a complex algorithm based on satellite images, nationwide weather observations, and mastery of the elements that make up a great sunset. 

Raza Durrani is the amazing designer behind the sleek Skyfire logo and the initial app design.  Click here to check out his awesome work!

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