Skyfire for Android



Skyfire for Android is available via a dedicated app, free to download on Google Play. Subscribe within the app and enjoy a free trial. Quarterly and Annual subscription options are available.



Capturing beautiful locations in the best light is the goal of every landscape photographer. Skyfire provides custom sunrise and sunset color forecasts that show where and when spectacular skies and great light are most likely.

Using multiple weather models, Skyfire applies complex algorithms to generate forecasts of where the best light and color will develop in the coming days. This information is shown as an overlay on top of a map. The intensity of the color of the overlay coincides with the likelihood of there being a colorful sky at that position around sunrise or sunset.

Skyfire for Android shows the times of sunrise and sunset for three days. The forecast grid shows predicted color for the location under the map reticle (cross-hairs). Tap on the grid to see the full corresponding forecast.

You can relocate the map to your current location or search by place name.


Skyfire for TPE is available for the lower 48 States of the USA, southern Canada, and Europe, and is available as a subscription. A 30-day free trial is available, and you can subscribe directly within the app thereafter.

Please check in-app for current pricing and subscription options.


  • 3-day forecasts (today +2 days)
  • Google Map forecast layer
  • Forecast grid for at-a-glance location specific predictions
  • Relocate map to current device location
  • Google Places search function
  • Sunrise and sunset times shown in local time zone for selected location
  • Automatic time zone detection
  • Last updated times shown for selected forecast