Skyfire for iOS, Available in TPE


Note: Skyfire requires an additional in-app purchase subscription within The Photographer's Ephemeris

Available IN TPE

We've partnered exclusively with The Photographer's Ephemeris to make Skyfire available on iPhone and iPad. Many photographers already use TPE day-to-day to plan natural light photography. Now you can view Skyfire forecasts directly within the app in one seamless workflow.



Capturing beautiful locations in the best light is the goal of every landscape photographer. Skyfire provides custom sunrise and sunset color forecasts that show where and when spectacular skies and great light are most likely.

It’s the perfect complement to TPE as an outdoor photography planning tool: as well as giving times and angle of the sun, TPE can now forecast the quality of light.

Using multiple weather models, Skyfire applies complex algorithms to generate forecasts of where the best light and color will develop in the coming days. This information is shown as an overlay on top of the TPE map. The intensity of the color of the overlay coincides with the likelihood of there being a colorful sky at that position around sunrise or sunset.

Subscription Levels

Skyfire for TPE is available for the lower 48 States of the USA, southern Canada, and Europe, and is available as a subscription. A 30-day free trial is available, and you can subscribe directly within the app thereafter.

Two versions are offered:

  • Skyfire Basic offers forecasts for today plus 2 days
  • Skyfire Plus extends the forecast to today plus 4 days (plus 3 days in Canada), with configurable push notifications

Please check in-app for current pricing and subscription options.

With both versions, you can view all available forecasts for your favorite locations with in the app, so you can see at a glance where colorful skies are most likely.

Push notifications

With Skyfire Plus, you can configure push notifications for your favorite locations. A threshold (e.g. > 70% probability) and a maximum notice period (e.g. 2 days) can be configured on a per location basis. Whenever a forecast is seen that meets your notification criteria, we’ll send a push notification to your registered iOS devices. (And if an updated forecast backs off on the probability, we’ll let you know it’s no longer looking as good.)